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We help companies from LatAm and Israel do business with each other, by serving as a unique bridge between the two regions

About Olivo

We are local in both Israel and Latin America

Olivo has boots on the ground in both Israel and Latin America. We bridge over the gaps in language and business culture, allowing companies from both sides of the bridge to connect with each other through us. We are a kind of “VPN” between the two regions.

We are connected to the business and tech communities on both sides

We have close to 50 years of combined relevant professional experience in both Israel and Latin America, and can help find the right partners / clients / investors / solutions to cater to the needs of each company we work with from either side of the bridge.

We are professional in tech, business, investment and deal making

We have extensive experience in consulting, M&A, VC/PE, working with startups and technology companies. We are “catalysts” that help connect partners from each side of the bridge; succeed in reaching agreements between them; and ensure long term relationships are built.    



​With over 1000 new tech companies born every year, and with over $15 billion invested by global investors in Israeli tech companies in 2022 alone (2x the total amount invested in tech companies in all of LatAm), Israel is one of the world’s most important sources for innovative companies and technologies. Most large corporates in the world have some kind of presence in Israel and collaborate with Israeli companies. Yet, only a few LatAm corporates are connected to Israel.   

With a population of 600 million people; with all major countries in the region (except Brazil) speaking the same language; with more than 80% of the population living in cities; with its proximity and strong ties to North America; and with its thirst for innovation and growth – Latin America is an attractive market for any company, especially innovative ones. Yet, the LatAm market is still untapped for many companies in Israel and elsewhere.


We bridge between companies in most sectors. Some of  these include:



Food & Agriculture


Industry 4.0


Examples of how we bridge between companies in LatAm and Israel:

A large LatAm international corporate with over 200 manufacturing facilities was seeking a cyber-security solution to protect those facilities. Olivo helped the corporate locate suitable technologies in Israel, and a pilot installation of the Israeli company’s product in one of the LatAm corporate facilities was successfully launched and it is now being rolled out. 

A large LatAm corporate in the food industry was seeking to invest in innovative food-tech technologies that may disrupt the corporate’s business. Olivo identified several such technologies in Israel and the corporate intends to make an investment in one of them.  

A major LatAm IT service provider was seeking innovative products for its customers, to serve them well and expand its business with them. Olivo has been identifying such products and companies in Israel, some of which may start being distributed by the LatAm IT provider.   

A LatAm Corporate VC in the mobility sector was seeking innovative opportunities that align with its investment strategy. Olivo identifies relevant opportunities in Israel which it presents to the LatAm Corporate VC regularly, some of which may turn into investments. 

The owners of a LatAm Corporate in the energy sector were seeking  a strategic partner. Olivo is helping a corporate buyer with roots in Israel to evaluate the opportunity and negotiate a potential transaction. 

-LatAm Corporate Customer < > Israeli Tech company

-LatAm Corporate Investor < > Israeli Tech company

-LatAm Distributer < > Israeli Tech company

-LatAm Corporate VC Investor < > Israeli Tech company

-LatAm Company < > Israeli Acquirer


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